Sunday 5 September 2010

Crochet Fingerless Mittens

I want to preface this by saying I have quite small wrists and hands.
You will need
50g Mirasol or DK Yarn of choice (may need 100g for larger sizes)
4MM Hook
Gauge is 1" to 12 Stitches and 1" to 6 rows

Ch 13
DC in 2nd Stitch
DC across (12 st)
Working in back loops only work 12 st, Ch 1, Turn
repeat above till ribbing fits your wrist, i did 27 rows.
to join work into the back loops of the last row and slip stitch to the beginning row.
Ch 1, work evenly around the row ends, i did 28 st
Join with a Slip Stitch into Ch1
Ch 1, DC in to same stitch, DC around, join with a Sl St in to Ch 1,
Repeat above until work reaches your thumb knuckle (i did 12 Rows)

Thumb Shaping
Ch 1 DC in to same st, Dc around until 5st before the join point, Ch 5, Skip next 9 st,
Join in to 10th with a Dc. (it has been brought to my attention that Ch5 skip 9 might be a bit too tight, if that is the case try Ch 5, Sk 5 then join with a Dc. )

Sc around, work over Ch 5

Don't join but work around the stitches until it reaches your fingers or as high as you want.
I did 12 rows.
finish of on thumb side.
weave in ends
and your done
make a 2nd embellish as you want.



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